Reasons Why Winning an Award is Good for Your Business

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Have you ever dreamt about winning a business award for being the best at what you do? 

No matter what type of business you run, you can always find the awards to enter. The entering process can be time and effort consuming but once you win, you get some amazing benefits! 

Winning an award gives you exposure

Award winners don’t only receive a little trophy. They usually get a lot of exposure, which also works as free marketing or PR for the business. Having your business name in the news, on the organiser’s website and social media, can open doors to new contacts, customers or suppliers that have never heard about your business before. 

It increases credibility

If you’re a new business, winning an award can really make a difference. People find it hard to trust companies that haven’t been in business for long and might not have many customers yet. When you get named the best in doing something, your potential customers see you as a trustworthy business. 

Even if you’re a well-established business that’s been running for many years, winning an award is a great addition to your achievements. It shows your current and potential customers that even after all these years you’re still working hard and you’re still relevant.  

Winning an award boosts your confidence and motivation

Every business wants to believe that they’re doing a good job at offering the best possible products and services for their customers.

Winning an award can really boost your confidence. Knowing that your customers or judges voted for you gives you confirmation that you really do a good job. Seeing that all your efforts have paid off, gives you the motivation to continue working on your business and improve it even further. Also, the fact that you’ve won once, will give you the excitement and enthusiasm to enter again/other awards to get more recognition. 

It makes you stand out from the crowd

In a business world full of competition, you do everything you can to make your business stand out from the crowd. Winning an award is a good way to do so. People are way more likely to choose an award-winning company to do business with. This type of accomplishment proves that the business is moving in the right direction and gives it stronger positioning against its competitors. 

Winning an award can help with recruiting when and if you need it

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you need to hire new employees, having an award under your belt will show candidates that your business keeps growing and is good at what it does. It will also attract the best talent. Because who wouldn’t want to work for a well-rated, successful business that’s going places?

You get a chance to network with others

Even if you don’t win, entering and attending the awards gives you an opportunity to meet new like-minded people. Making new connections is always useful. Most business owners use networking to generate new business, find business partners or meet potential customers or suppliers. However, there are many other benefits of networking. You can read about it here.