With big ambitions to contribute to tackling wider social issues like seeing unemployment rates reduces, fewer families relying on food banks and no children going to school hungry while seeing the economy of the local area grow and Government investment drawn towards the region, Matt Irvine founded JobsIn North East to enable him to be self-employed and work around his disability and illness.

Business Hero Kate Iversen

It was a now or never moment for Kate Iversen that lead her to establish Cinnamon Junction. With a love for travel, particularly the vibrancy of India and its culture, along with the prospect of being made redundant from her career in the travel industry, Kate felt that the stars had aligned for her to start her own business.

WARNING! Being In Cahoots With Phil Can Change Your Life!

I’d been seeing enticing posts on social media for Phil Teasdale‘s new training course, ‘In Cahoots” for a few weeks but I could never make the dates. I first met Phil when I did Enterprise Made Simple‘s  Going For Growth residential business training a couple of years ago near York.

Digital Training: Reasons Why You Need It

In this day and age who doesn’t have at least one of the following; website, email address, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can’t can you? In this modern world, you will struggle […]

We have some amazing news

We have the best news ever!!

After lots of hard work we have just been informed that we have had our Level 3 qualification approved by the Government.