The Three Essentials To Business Growth

Table of Contents

Over the years I have come to understand that success in business is really very simple. It is not rocket science or brain surgery or any other IT related field.

It generally only requires only very basic mathematical skills (which is a good job for me) and it follows some very general rules.

There are simply three things you need to have together to achieve growth and a successful business.

1. Your product or service

The key to whatever your product or your service is is to make it the best that you possibly can. Love what you do and what you provide and more importantly be completely committed to its value.

2. Marketing and Sales

It is essential to find the right way for you to market your product or your service. You must have a multipronged strategy and NEVER put your eggs in one basket. Try something new, try something old in terms of ways of letting people know about your product or service – the key here is to keep trying. People won’t come to you magically you have to work hard at this element of business growth.

3. Financial control

You have to have complete control over your businesses finance – every day and the planned finances. Keep your expenses as low as possible and move to the point as quickly as possible where your income exceeds your expenditure.

My experience of running and working with businesses who are growing for over thirty years tells me that a business owner must always remember that good and bad moments in business happen daily. The goal for growth and for business, in general, is to have the good outweigh the bad either in intensity or number.

No matter who owns the business or where that business is on the growth trajectory, without a doubt, I have found a business owner with his or her nose to the grindstone. The most successful business owners from a growth perspective remember these three areas and take their business moment by moment with a goal or target in sight every step of the way.