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Pre-approving Facebook Members Posts (Group)

If you're moderating your Facebook Group, being able to pre-approve (unmoderate) select members can be a useful feature to help keep your Group moving at a steady rate. Here's how you can make this change.

If you’re moderating your Facebook Group posts, it may be a little inconvenient to have to approve every single member, but it’s historically been an all-or-nothing deal.

Well, you can, if you wish, pre-approve your trusted members – so they can fire posts away while keeping your other members in the same moderated queue.

If you head into your members’ area (in your Group), click the additional menu (…) next to the member’s name and you’ll see an option to “Pre-approve Posts”.

If you enable this (for this member), you’ll be prompted to confirm this.

You are about to pro-approve this member’s posts. An admin or moderator won’t review their future posts before they’re published in the group

From this point on, this member will not need to be moderated. You can, of course, still ‘police’ any posts – removing anything that you consider to be an issue/breach of rules; and repeat offenders can be returned to the moderated queue (if needed).

The biggest benefit of this that I’m a fan of, is that you don’t need to make that ‘approved’ member a moderator or administrator in your Group – which has, historically, been the solution to this problem. This retains a more effective, more efficient degree of control within your Group.

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