What does Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule do?

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Scheduling your social media posts is not necessarily a new concept, it’s probably something you’ve been doing for a while. But I’m often asked when is the best time to post on social media? And while there isn’t really a ’25:16pm on a Blendsday’ type answer, there are definitely tools that will help you discover…or maximise…the opportunity here.

The AutoScheduler from Hootsuite

This tool allows you to create a schedule that you want your posts to go into. The example here shows three posts a day, between 7am and 7pm going out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Screenshot showing Hootsuite's AutoSchedule tool

As you then fill up your bucket with posts, the AutoScheduler pops them out for you, as per the schedule you set. So, based on the above, if we fill up the bucket with fifteen posts on a Sunday, the first three would be used on the Monday (three posts a day) and they would be scheduled for the three ‘best’ slots between the hours of 7am and 7pm based on when your audience is online and likely to interact.

Water is coming out of a bucket with holes

The next three would be assigned on the Tuesday, the next on the Wednesday and so on; until the bucket is empty. In our example here, we’ve used fifteen posts, so this would be enough to full the working week (5 x 3).

Anything we add into the bucket from this point will fill the following week (as our schedule here misses Saturday and Sunday).

You can use this to set a framework around your posts, how many per day, what times of the day etc. and then just create content either when you have assigned that time, or whenever you think of it. Then, simply throw it into ‘the bucket’ and let Hootsuite takes care of it for you.

Where can I find the AutoSchedule settings in Hootsuite?

Click on your profile picture > Accounts & Settings > AutoSchedule

Animated GIF showing how to locate the AutoSchedule settings in Hootsuite