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How to request and give recommendations on LinkedIn

Recommendations on LinkedIn can be exceptionally powerful as a form of social proof - to show others an impartial view of what you've achieved and/or what you're capable of achieving. In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to request a LinkedIn recommendation from your clients or customers, and also how to send one to someone you've worked with.

You know you’re awesome, right? But what impresses a customer isn’t when you tell them you’re awesome (you’re probably slightly biased) – but when someone else says it. We often refer to this as social proof.

In the world of LinkedIn, much of this is accomplished with recommendations. Whether requested or simply issued, it’s an opportunity for all to celebrate the excellence of the people we work with.

Taking the time to give someone a recommendation can not only help them grow their business – but it can also be a great opportunity to show that you’re recognising them for the hard work they do (in a society where we’re perhaps more attuned to only saying something publicly when things go wrong?).

What is a LinkedIn recommendation?

A recommendation is a testimonial that details a relationship between you and someone else, their experience and essentially, whether they would recommend you to someone else. It carries a lot of weight, so getting them should really be a priority for you.

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Can I give other people a LinkedIn recommendation?

The process to request and to give are both covered in this short video. Take a look and see if there are people that you’re connected with (you need to be connected [1st-degree network] on LinkedIn to be able to do this) that you could either request from, or send a recommendation to.

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