How EMS Courses Helped Laura Grow Her Business

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Every one of us spent the lockdown differently. Some of us still had to go to work, some of us learnt a new language, some of us achieved their fitness goals and some of us watched everything on Netflix (no judgement here!). Meanwhile, Laura Smith picked up a hobby of making wax melts and home fragrances. She got into handicrafts so much she bought a Cricut and, as she said, “just went wild and started making everything”. Wax melts, room sprays, handmade jewellery, personalised items and gifts – Laura realised that she can turn this hobby into a business. 

Lack of knowledge

When Laura started Loubie’s Scents&Sentiments, there was no doubt about her skills when it comes to making products. However, the business side of things was completely different. 

“There was a lot of winging along the way. I was very unsure. Even though I wasn’t doing everything wrong, I was unsure if I was doing things right” Laura said.

The lack of knowledge has affected both Laura’s confidence and her business.

“I stopped myself from doing a lot because rather than me doing it wrong, I’d rather not do it all. For example, I wasn’t doing much digital marketing because I didn’t know the right way of doing it” she added. 

Coming on the course

One of Laura’s friends was coming on the course at EMS. Knowing about Laura’s struggles, she thought that it could be useful for her too, so she put her name forward. Since then Laura has attended three business growth courses and started one to one support. She’s also attending a leadership course in a few weeks with a plan to hire someone as her business grows.

“When I first started, I thought I’d probably learn a little bit of the basics. When I finished, I was quite overwhelmed with how much information I did take on and how much it’s changed my business as well. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did learn. I did so many courses close together because I just found them so useful and so helpful.”

Other benefits of the courses

The benefits of the courses Laura has attended don’t end with all the things she’s learnt. Speaking to like-minded people has boosted Laura’s confidence as she realised every business person has gone through the same problems in the beginning. 

It has also given her new business opportunities thanks to the people she’s met.

“Someone that I met on the course, she put me in contact with somebody who has a shop in Leyburn. Because of the course and my confidence, my products are now being stocked there.”

Experience with EMS

Laura believes that her business wouldn’t have gone forward as quickly as it has without the help of EMS. From all the things you learn to the support you receive and the people you meet, she thinks that every business owner can benefit from attending the courses. 

“Never even doubt whether to do it or not. It’s not just changed my business, it’s changed me and how I feel about it, and how I work. Anyone that is thinking about going on the course or whether it would help their business or not, it will help in more ways than you could ever imagine.”