Management Tips For Fantastic Leaders

Table of Contents

Being a manager and being a leader are two different things, but do you have the qualities of a fantastic leader.

Share Information

Communicate the news that you can, so minds don’t wander. If share the same vision it will happen but if half of the people in your team are going one avenue and the other half are going down another that’s a team working inefficiently.

Adjust your Leadership style

You have many different communication styles and personalities on your team. Don’t think that you can manage everyone the same way, and don’t assume everyone likes to be managed the way you liked to be managed.

Have fun

Your team wants to enjoy going to work, if you love your job then your business will succeed.

Raise your hand

When your team see you putting in extra hours, they are inspired to jump in and follow your lead.

Focus your time

It’s the 80:20 principle. Focus the majority of your time and attention on the 20% of your team and projects that generate 80% of your results.

Give Feedback

Your direct reports want feedback, and it’s crucial in making your team as productive as possible.

Set small milestones

If you can’t match last year’s numbers, set milestones that can be reached.

Empower through delegation

We know no one can do it as well as you can BUT you need to delegate to give yourself time to complete tasks more appropriate for your job role, for example, instead of spending time doing paperwork that someone else can do you could be out networking or making efforts to getting more clients.

Say thanks!

People want to feel appreciated! A simple thank you note doesn’t cost a thing and it makes a huge difference.